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Ben Rue

Ben Rue

26-year-old Ben Rue is already making a name for himself in the Country Music scene. He made it into the Top 80 on the first season of X-Factor, and on this episode of Breaking Nashville, Ben talks with Jon Watkins about life in Nashville.

His hometown’s amazing support

This doesn’t happen every day for a small town, so when someone follows their dream and picks up everything that they know and moves across country, people want to know about it, and I was just fortunate enough that they wanted to do an article on me.

Performing in front of a big crowd

Whenever you can’t really see their faces in the crowd it doesn’t throw me off as much. I would much rather sing in front of 4000 people than in front of three, just because they’re hanging on every single word and you can see their faces and their expressions. In front of 4000 people you can’t see everyone, so you just look out somewhere in the crowd…it takes practice. It’s all about getting out there and playing. And that’s all I’ve done since I’ve been here in Nashville.

Moving to Nashville

I screwed up a lot on the farm, I wrecked a lot of equipment. They always blamed it on me thinking about something else, which I was. I was always thinking about music. At one point, they were just like, “Why don’t you just go? Why don’t you just do this?” I was like, you know what, if I don’t do it now I’m going to regret it. So I packed up the old ‘98 Ford Explorer and drove across country. It’s only 38 hours, if you’re wondering.”

Ben’s first record contract

It was two years and two months [from arriving in Nashville]. It’s always slower than you want it to happen, but I’m glad that it did take a while. At least in my eyes, I know that some people are here ten years and don’t ever get that opportunity. I’m glad it took at least two years just so that I can grow as an artist and learn what I really want to do

Connecting with Fans

I love interacting with fans and I’ve gotten some incredible messages from people about how [“I Can’t Wait (Be My Wife)] has affected their lives. And that part I really do love. I’ve gotten a Vine from a couple that had my song playing in the background and it was him proposing to his wife. That there makes everything worth it to me. | Facebook | Twitter


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