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Chase Rice

chase rice

Jon: You were being represented by one label during “Ready, Set, Roll” and all of a sudden you are being moved to another label (Columbia). Was that a conscious decision?

Chase: We brought on RPM to do radio promotions…The length of one song and that was it. At that time Columbia gave us a monster offer and offered a lot more radio promotions…We weren’t locked in with RPM and we decided to move over because Columbia is a major label and RPM isn’t.

Jon: You moved to writing music back in 2010, and you started writing with some pretty big writers immediately…Was that an intimidating process?

Chase: I didn’t get the opportunity to write with big time writers right away. I first started writing with Florida Georgia Line and they weren’t Florida Georgia Line at the time, they were just Brian and Tyler. Brian and I grew up together down in Florida and I moved in, started writing, they were doing a little bit of their thing and then “Cruise” happened.

Jon: “Bro-Country” is the term that is being thrown around everywhere. Are you the founder of “Bro-country”?

Chase: Not at all, I’m just trying to do it the only way I know. That’s only stuff I know how to sing and write about. At the same time, of our new record Ignite The Night, which is coming in August, I put on a new song “Carolina Can” which is when I need to remind myself who I am and goes way deeper into who I am as a person than the “riding around in a truck” song. The thing is about those truck songs or bro-country or whatever you want to call is that it has been done forever and it’s been complained about forever and the reason why we sing about it is because that’s what we do. When I was in High School, I just rode around in a truck and get a girl in it because I lived in a small town and there was nothing else to do…At the same time, there needs to be a little more depth. | Facebook | Twitter



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