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Arabella Jones

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Arabella: Youtube Sensation

Yeah the funny thing is I started out posting covers on Youtube. So I built up all these quote-on-quote fans who’d never really heard my own music. I actually just got out of the studio, I’m getting an EP together and that will be out really soon. A radio tour will come soon after that. I’m super excited…Now I’m almost 19 and I’ve made it a long way, farther than I ever thought I would posting covers in my living room.

What made you decide to stop doing covers and release your own music?

It was when fans actually started asking for original music. How I knew that they were really in it for the long haul was when they stopped requesting covers and started asking more for, “Ok, when are you gonna write some stuff and let us hear your original music?” So I knew that they had connected enough with me through the covers that they wanted to know more about what I was about…This next EP coming up is definitely for the fans.

Pervy Guys Online

I don’t know if I should say this or not but when I first started my [Youtube] channel, my highest view demographic – you can see this on Youtube – was, I think it was, 15-25 female or something like that. That’s ok. And then the second highest was like 40 plus male. So that’s changing a little bit. That’s improved at least.

Is Country Female Friendly?

Something I’ve heard, a statistic, is 8-12% of radio airplay is female. Honestly, that’s nothing really new, but you know what? That doesn’t scare me at all. The way my music is centered is really rock-oriented because I was raised on rock ‘n’ roll, all that kind of stuff. I’m here to show everyone that girls can kick just as much ass as boys can in country music.

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