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Canaan Smith


Avoiding getting burned out on his Radio Tour

Basically, I get tired, but I never get tired of the experience. This is the dream. Getting a chance to meet the people that can really be a game-changer in your career, it’s an opportunity to be thankful for. Yeah, it wears you out, but I love it. I’m getting to travel the country, getting to meet great people and they’re rallying to support my songs. I mean, what’s bad about that.

What sexy car he’s driving in right now:

We’ve got crew – I brought two players with me. I play guitar and I got a banjo player and another guitar player, plus a label rep – sometimes two label reps, so we’ve gotta travel in a large [car]. Right now we’re in a Suburban. Tricked out. You know, we’ve got leather seats and all that good stuff. But loads of times it’s whatever the rental company has on the lot and whatever’s the cheapest.

Co-Writing “Black Tears” with Tyler Hubbard of Florida George Line

Tyler and I went to school together at Belmont in Nashville. We were best buddies. So we wrote that “Black Tears” song after class one day, years ago. Yeah, we’ve just been humble about the whole thing man. They’re obviously – FGL is explosively big right now, and Jason Aldeen is arguably the biggest superstar in our format. So I think it’s an incredible thing even to have a hand in his career and in FGL’s lives. Yeah we’re all buddies. We all pull for each other; we’re all coming up and doing this together – that’s the cool thing about Nashville. It’s so much different than most other music formats you know. We really do have a support system, and we really do pull for each other and help each other out when we can.

How to Break Nashville

I didn’t know anybody when I moved to town 10 years ago. I just knew I had to be there if I wanted to do country music. I mean, that’s the epicenter of country music: it’s where the best songs are written, where people make it or break it. It’s a leap of faith. I just went on a whim knowing that I had to follow that passion in my heart. And the let down…you gotta be willing to have you’re a** handed to you because 99% of the people that move there to do this do have their a** handed to them. I had my a** handed to me, it’s a good thing. It shapes you, makes you stronger. | Facebook | Twitter


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