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Lindsay Ell

lindsay ell

Canadian Country Music

It’s huge actually. We pay attention a lot to what’s going on in the states. So to me, it’s just like one big land mass, it was never like two separate countries. But Calgary – where I’m from – is actually the country music mecca so we have something called the Calgary Stampede which is exactly like Houston’s Rodeo. It’s ten days where they bring in a whole bunch of artists, there’s a big rodeo, there’s chuck wagon races, and then there’s a big exhibition where you can play so many shows all over the city. It’s a lot of fun.

Playing On Stage with Keith Urban

Keith is just such an amazing guy, he actually did have me come down a little early so we couldrun through it and figure it out. He’s just so humble. I have so much respect for him as a player, as a songwriter, as an artist; he has a heart of gold. He’s one of those artist who, throughout time, regardless of his level of success over the past few years, he just still stays the same guy, he treats you like a human being. I actually opened up a few shows with him a couple years ago, but I never got to share the stage with him so this was a definite defining moment.

How was it learning to play guitar?

I’d say anything is easy if you wanna do it bad enough. I loved everything about guitar – learning Tom Emanuel instrumentals, and I just wanted to dissect them. I was such a guitar nerd growing up. I had literally no social life and I would just sit in my bedroom, learning solos. I was the biggest loner nerd growing up.

Breaking Nashville

Moving to town I was always told that, they were like, “Lindsey, don’t sign a record deal because you’re gonna be shelled for two years writing and making a record”. It ended up being about 2 years, but I will say I am so grateful for those 24 months because you really do need time to plan in a way. Especially as a female artist, I mean, that message – that first impression that you come out with – is important and so having something that is consistent with who you are, with what the label thinks is going to work in the market at the time, is just crucial crucial crucial. Taking more time to set it up properly is never overlooked. | Facebook | Twitter


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