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BRAD PAISLEY- Moonshine in the Trunk


Now this is our Brad Paisley! After experimenting with different styles of Country music, Brad is back to his roots for his newest album “Moonshine in the Trunk” which hits shelves today. Although we applaud Brad for trying something different…it’s great to have him back.

If “River Bank” (his first single off this album) isn’t enough to prove to you that Paisley’s fun loving anthems have returned, wait until you hear “Crushin’ It”. Or is it Brad Paisley’s humor that you love the most? Then “High Life” with Carrie Underwood is for you. How does Chick-fil-a feel about the song? We’d love to hear a response!

Although we’ve mentioned mainly Brad’s fun songs so far, fear not- his tried and true ballads are here as well. With lyrics like “I’m so proud of you girl. The most beautiful thing in the world is all this shattered glass..” the song “Shattered Glass will be a hit with females and fathers. Our favorite though is “The Perfect Storm”, which we hope will be his next single.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve picked up a Paisley album, now the time to jump back on the trolley. This moonshine can kick….    


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