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Krystal Keith

krystal keith

Krystal Keith

Her Grand Ole Opry Debut

Oh Lord, it has been a wild few months. I’ve got a lot of sweet, awesome stuff going on, and that was definitely the highlight of my summer. Yeah I still look back at pictures and get a little nervous every time I think of it.

Did you know it was country you wanted to go in to?

It was always country. That’s where my roots are and that’s where my heart is. And country really has a blend of so many genres: blues has kind of come in to country, that Southern Rock has come in to it. So you get to do a lot with country music. I’m certainly not pop. I have far too much old-school country influence to go too far pop, but I do have some more mainstream country songs on my album. I’ve got some of that blues, some of that rock. I really love the phases that country music has gone through, and I really have been inspired by a lot of that. My album I wanted to be really eclectic so you get a little bit of all those phases on the album. So it was definitely always country for me.

Why the hiatus after the 2004 CMA’s?

He wanted me to go to college and get a degree. So I had just graduated high school and thought, here we go, I can start my career. I’m fixin to be a musician and get to the top of the world. And he was like no no no, I’m not doing anything to help you start a music career until you get a degree. So not just go to college, but I had to complete it and get a degree before I could start working on an album. So I had to take a hiatus. I graduated in 5 years and then started working on writing and recording my album, which took 3 years.

Catching A Break in Country Radio

It’s really a hard industry for females. If you look at all the females that are on the radio a lot of them have come from reality television, Taylor Swift being one of the exceptions. She’s a phenom. So she hit and it worked and it clicked and people loved it. But Carrie Underwood came from American Idol. Miranda Lambert, National Star. Danielle Bradbury, Cassidy Pope, they were on The Voice. Kelly Pickler was, again, American Idol. So you really have to, as a new artist that has not gone the competition show route, it’s even more challenging than you would expect. | Facebook | Twitter


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