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Robby Johnson


Robby Johnson

Performing On Letterman

That’s what my publicist keeps telling me, that this never happens. To be an artist that doesn’t have a full album out and that doesn’t really have traction on monitored radio, although I have had great success with “South of Me” on secondary radio, it’s really unique. My first ever press release, the Letterman people called back and said, hey we want to break Robbie Johnson on network debut, on national television. So that was a really really cool thing to happen, ‘cuz it really doesn’t happen like that usually.

Falling In Love with American Culture

My story is really crazy because I’m from the French province – the only province in Canada where Country isn’t huge is Quebec – and that’s where I’m from. It’s kind of crazy. But most of my relatives live in Hartford, Connecticut. So every summer we would go to Hartford, and we would go for Christmas Vacation, New Years Eve, and every long break we would drive down to Harford, Connecticut. So there, I fell in love with American culture: the TV, the blockbuster movies, and the music. I would say I discovered Country music through my mom. She was listening to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton and all that. I just fell in love with the music ‘cuz to me, it’s healing music.

Becoming a Musician

My wife decided, “Hey, you should listen to you sing! It’s really good and there’s something there.” She saw that I wasn’t too happy in my life, so she pushed me in a studio to do a demo…That day I did a cool song that I had written and the guys at the studio were like, “Man, what are you doing here! You should be in Nashville!”…I got in touch with people in Nashville, and that’s how it started. I just needed that little push, ‘cuz when I had that CD in the car coming back from the studio, I felt a piece of myself. I was filled with energy. I said, “Man, that’s what you’re meant to be, you just didn’t want to see it.” So that’s how it all started. It’s all really new – yes I always sang – but to really be an artist was not a long time ago.

Next Up for Robby Johnson

We’re probably gonna announce some touring dates in the fall, and also I’m gonna get prepared for the CMA’s here in Nashville. | Facebook | Twitter



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